The Prologue


That might be all I have. I am afraid that at the moment I have not slept in 28 hours. But I promised myself that I would start this Blog on January 1st and seeing as how once I finally get to sleep, I might not wake up until the 2nd, I need to do this now.

I do have more, I promise. I am starting this blog for a number of reasons. The biggest is because I have a lot I want to say and am not sure how to say it. I know this sounds silly to all of you pro-bloggers, essay writers, and story composers. But my second day of English 101 my professor told me “You don’t know how to write.” This seemed odd to me as I was pretty sure that I had just written a 10 page essay and turned it in.I guess what he meant was that I did not write at a collegiate level. That’s not what he said though. If I was more quick witted I should have responded with ” You don’t know how to give constructive criticism which is a basic skill required to teach.” But alas, hindsight is 20/20. I let this narrow minded professor guide me through the rest of my college years with the motto of “A ‘C’ is good for someone who can’t write.” I never tried to improve. At the time, it did not bother me.

But now, I have something to say and it is critical to me that it is said correctly and in my own voice. I will be using this blog as a sounding board. I like to think of it this way, when I am rehearsing a show I always try things out. Sometimes it works and sometimes it fails, but it is in the rehearsal process that I am allowed to create without fear of failure. That is what I will be doing here. Everyday I will write. Some days I might not have much to say. It might be something as simple as a joke. The important thing is that I keep working my writing muscles. That I continue to try, even when I fail, so that when the time comes to say the important things, I can.

This is my story.


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