Snow Bliss

I grew up in South Carolina. Snow days were NOT a thing. I can count on one hand the number of snow days that I had while in grade school. I know we had a REALLY GOOD one at some point when I was in high school. But that’s never the day that I think of when I think of “snow days”.

I am not sure if I actually remember this, or if it is just something that I have seen pictures of and were told about so many times growing up that I feel like I remember it. One year, before I was actually in grade school, we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS! I know some of you may feel like that is a normal thing but lets remember, South Carolina, 110 in the shade, might as well be hell, hot all the time South Carolina got a white Christmas!  I knew the Irving Berlin classic from chorus or my mother and I always thought that it sounded so perfect. I used to see The Nutcracker every year and I always loved how it snowed in the middle of the Ballet. This was the best day of my little life!

I remember being so cold but not wanting to go inside because I was so afraid that if I left it would go away. I was playing at my grandmothers house and some family friend who were a few years older than me came over and helped me ride down the hill in either a laundry basket or a garbage can lid.

I remember my face being so cold it was red. My birthmark, which is most visible when I am over heated, freezing, or angry,  was bright red. I remember one of the girls brushing snow off my face and telling me it looked like I was wearing my heart on my head. As I got older and could appreciate that comment more, I always thought that statement suited me. Now I interpret it to mean more than what I am sure a girl her age (she may have been 8 or 9) actually meant by it. Never the less, I always liked it.

Snow was something magical. It still is.

There is something about the first snow fall each winter that makes me feel like a little kid again. There is just something so pure and innocent about it. I feel like it just brings out a simplistic joy that is not containable. Watching others experience “snow bliss” is almost as euphoric. I loved  watching my dog play in her first snow. She bounded around the yard trying to catch snowballs that we would throw at her. When they would break on the ground near her, she would dig to try to find where it had gone!

Tomorrow (Today), I plan to take my son out in our first snow of 2017 and his first snow ever. I will tell him the story and show him pictures the way my family did for me in hopes that maybe I can pass this simple little piece of magic on to him.

(Pictures to come! 🙂


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