B-I- …

I am so sorry for all the typos. However, I think I gave pretty fair warning that words were not my thing last night. I would like to point out that we are not “bread-est” either. There is no bread that is not allowed in our house! For those who did not read this post before I fixed my typos, please ignore this and continue on.


Tonight I am at a loss for words. I mean I have words, I have lots of them. But none of them are even slightly entertaining and mostly have to do with work and how much I don’t want to go back after my 2 days off due to the snow. So I will just leave this:

Was Bingo the dog or the farmers name?

Grammar dictates it is the dogs but think about it…it could be the farmers.

(This dogs name is not Bingo. It’s Gwen. And she would like you to thing that she has not been fed. Gwen is a liar. I think it’s a breed thing but I hate to be that “breed-est”*)


*Not a real word. But Racist was not right either. So it was the best I could do. Stop judging me!


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