I was in a drive by!

So today while pumping gas a lady pulled up beside me and said “Mam’, I want you to know I’m a Medium and God wanted me to tell you that what ever it is you are worrying about, he has taken care of it. Have a blessed day.” And then she drove off.

It was a drive by reading. I mean, if you can say you have lived through a drive by, I guess this falls under one of the best kind. Second only too the shouts of solidarity for what ever cause your bumper sticker might support. I personally do not have any bumper stickers but one of my friends has a car that is COVERED, none of them political (unless you get into the politics of Star Wars and Harry Potter), and he gets more “LIVE LONG AND PROSPER”‘s from complete strangers than I do “Thanks” when I hold the door!

Anyways, this drive by, as polite as it was, brought about more questions than one might anticipate.
– Which “it” has God taken care of?
I have quite a list and, not that I have doubts about what he can handle, I just think that’s A LOT of burden to lift off of one ordinary person.
– Does this mean I get to quit my job?
Not that I don’t like teaching, I just hate the early hours.
– What about my medical issues?
I know God heals, but why now? Or am I not allowed to ask that?!? Did I just mess this up?
– What was I doing that let her know I was worried about something?
I know we all have worries, but what was my tell? Do I always look worried? Do I have RWF instead of RBF? Great!

Please keep in mind that I say most of this in jest. I am not one to question the creator but I also am of the thinking that they help those who help themselves. That’s why it feels so good when you do good for others. It’s to help keep this balance I call life.

So thank you kind Medium, for your light in my day. I will pay it forward!


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