Mimosas For The Win

I have this issue with letting one bad thing wreck the awesomeness that is the world I live in. Like right now. I just had an amazing day cooking brunch for friends, playing games, seeing a movie, and playing with my son. Then I made the HORRIBLE mistake of stepping on the scale. First off, never a good idea. I cannot think of a time in the history of my life where I have ever stepped on the scale and walked away thinking “I feel great!” At best I have said “Better than I thought it would be.” But I should not let this number (because that is all weight is) ruin the amazing day I had.

It hasn’t entirely, but it has put a damper on things.

In and effort to try to better appreciate the good in life I have started a multitude of exercises.I make list of things and people I am thankful for. I have started a “happy moments jar” where each week I write one thing that happened that made me happy and place it in a jar. The goal is to do this every week and then come New Years, I will have 52+ happy moments to reflect on. I have tried to start saying “Thank you” more in stead of “I’m sorry”. I say “I’m sorry” A LOT, so this one has been particularly challenging.

These are all things that sound great, in theory. In practice, they still have not managed to counter act my problem. I am still hopeful that with continued work (and the right medications) that seeing the good will get easier.

Either way, good friends and good mimosas should ALWAYS win the day!


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