N&A Conversation #2

ME: These chips are stale. I should have gotten Ice Cream.

NOAH: (Who is telling me the plot of “Osmosis Jones” while I’m typing this) You still could. Go get some ice cream.

ME: Will you go get me ice cream? I went to the gym with you today…

NOAH: Yes you did. And I appreciate that….Maybe I want some ice cream too.

ME: YES! And get me some while you are getting it for your self.

NOAH: No. Ice cream isn’t good for me. It’s just dairy and sugar.

ME: And bacteria

NOAH: What?

ME: If you eat mine it’s frozen yogurt which means it has cultures in it that are good for you.

NOAH: I’m not so sure about that.

ME: The good bacteria go in and fight off the bad bacteria. (At this point I am willing to say anything to get him to bring me ice cream.)

NOAH: So there going to be like a turf war in my body? Like in “Osmosis Jones”?

ME: Yeah. Something like that.

***He finished explaining “Osmosis Jones” to me and is now getting us ice cream.***


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