Baby Toys


Why must there be some “Gah Gah Gu Gu” name for every baby toy on the market?! Why can we not just call things what they are?
My sons pacifier with a stuffed animal attached, Wubanub! And the pillow he leans on when I feed him, a Boppy  (I spelled this wrong the first 6 times I wrote this!). The best is the seat that he used when he could not sit up by him self, Bumbo! You had better believe I got that one wrong about 100 times. Forever he was sitting in his “bimbo”, which then just makes me look like a bad parent. Who gets his infant son a bimbo? The best was when the “bimbo” was “in the car”! You know I got the sideways eye from more than one person in that restaurant.
I do realize that most of these are brand names (and if I was a more important writer, I would be getting sued) but never the less, I look like a crazy trying to get my son set up to get his bottle and then have his pacifier after.


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