We have a ceramic sleeping cat named Ruben. When Ruben came home for the first time our other cats were NOT HAPPY. They hissed and walked away from it for good hour and our big dog (Gwen) was scared of it. Every now and then when one of them has ticked me off, I will put it in front of the sliding glass door or near their food just to mess with them.

I drink WAY too much diet coke. I try to compensate by drinking a bottle of water for every diet coke I drink. I try, and I fail.

Red wine and diet orange soda. The low cal sangria. Try it!

I kind of hope that the “Call if you see suspicious activity” number (aka the “call if you see a minority” number) is really so we can create a list of racist. Lets be honest, if you think something might be wrong you are going to call 911, not homeland security.

My landlord is putting new siding on our house. This is great, but Noah forgot to tell me they were coming. So at 8:00 in the morning when they started banging on the side of our house, I was pretty sure we were being invaded by some other worldly creature like a giant. I would have gone with robber, but in my half asleep half trying to make since of everything I decided that a robber would not try to come in the side wall of the house. OBLIVIOUSLY the next logical jump is to giant.

Noah and I do voices for our pets. Like when they are doing something we will voice their inner monologue or what we think they would be saying if they would talk. For what ever reason, we have given Gwen the dumbest voice, but the best vocabulary.

When Eli and I get super tired, we will put our arm up in a last ditch effort to try not to fall asleep. I didn’t know hand raising was inherited.

Sunday we were playing Pictionary with my father in law. Noah drew a bird and a heart. My guess, bird love.


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