Theatre Geeks UNITE!

I was super stoked when my friend and co-colaboratator…co-cocacolabrater…co-collaborator (and no I never did spell it right. Thank you spell check!), Tami, texted me and said that the Triad Theatre League was looking for a blogger to attend their social event on Sunday (today). Um…YES! Like I would pass up a chance to hang out with people that love theatre as much as I do or maybe even more!
For those of my readers outside of NC, the Triad is an area in the NC that includes Winston Salem, High Point, and Greensboro. The Triad Theatre League reaches to areas beyond the Triad to the Burlington area and pretty much every area in between these cities. One thing I have noticed about this area ever since I have moved here is that the Triad has a THRIVING theatre scene. Every theatre has it’s own unique touch that helps bring so many different types of theatre to so many theatre lovers.
What is so amazing, is how the Triad Theatre League strives to help each of these theatres join forces and support each other. Even if it just discounted pricing  for American Theatre Magazine, discounts for paid events, or access to the database of artist, this organization is truly trying to unite the theatre community in the Triad and help make it as strong as possible. There is this line of thinking that more theatre means more competition. This is a myth. More theatre just attracts more theatre people to the area. It also attracts more culture, more arts, more restaurants, more tourism, more community out reach, and produces more well rounded members of society. In my opinion, there is nothing theatre cannot do.
This organization is supporting the Theatres in this community and its artist. In addition to Organizational Memberships, they also have Individual Memberships. I have to say one of the coolest things that Erin Diaz, from Spring Theatre and co-founder of Triad Theatre League, told me about was the DISCOUNTED TICKET OFFERS! Say what!

Ok, pause for a min. I have two jobs. I like to think that I have two lives. By day, I am the theatre teacher who works super hard to make theatre accessable to every student she encounters. I deal with one of 3 kind of students. The ones who don’t want to be taking theatre but are required to for some reason or another, those who are there because they thought it would be an easy A (HA!), and those who really do want to be there but are surrounded by those who don’t care and distract me from my super awesome information about theatre because they have to go to the bathroom 3 times in a 50 min class! By night, I am the starving artist. (HA! HA! I am not even close to starving)

If you are a struggling theatre teacher or starving artist, or anything in between, everyone can benefit from discounted tickets. Half the reason why actors don’t go see other actors in shows is not due to lack of support but because we can’t afford to! Even theatres benefit from discounted tickets! Think of it this way, you can make 5 dollars or you can make 0 dollars. Now, I am not a mathematician, but I know from personal experience that I would rather have 5 dollars than 0!
In addition to the awesome benefits of being a member, there is the benefit of being a part of a community that shares the same passion as you. Rosina Whitfield, from Livestock Players, City Arts, and co-founder of Triad Theatre League, commented that one of the best things about the organization was everyone’s willingness to volunteer their time and talents. People stepped up to create websites, organize databases, plan events, manage memberships, and everything in between.

I think that is the something special about theatre. No one is in theatre because of the money, glory, or fame. We are all here because we have a desire to create. The Triad Theatre League is bringing together peoples desire to create, to create something bigger and better for the Triad Theatre community.

Thank you for a lovely evening.



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