I am not happy to be posting about this but it is on the forefront of my mind, so here we go.

I have been dieting and working out for about a month now. For those who know me “in real life”, you know that my weight is a constant roller-coaster. I can say that I have lost a few pounds but it is nothing substantial. I feel like it is WAY to early to have hit a plateau. I have just recently had a baby and am in my 30’s so it should come as no surprise that this is not happening as fast as it once use to.

PLEASE HEAR ME SAY, I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ADVICE! I get so much of it from people I don’t even know I could just scream. Everyone who has ever taken a nutrition class all of a sudden has a fitness tip that helped them lose 15 lbs in one week. Well good on you!

I am NOT you! I have been battling my weight my entire life. I have just had a baby. I have tried more fad diets than I think are safe for one person. I have been to personal trainers and nutritionist. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I have a baby. Sometimes I don’t have the energy to get up and walk because of my PNH.

Bottom line is, I know there is no right answer. I am just having a hard time seeing the light right now. With what feels like everyone else happy and healthy and not fighting everyday to make sure they don’t eat too much or drink their calories, it’s hard to remember, people have there own struggles. They just don’t always wear them on their sleeves.

So here is my deal with you. I will not assume that you have it easy when it comes to weight and body image if you won’t try to tell me how I can “lose 10 lbs by just drinking more water!” Deal?


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