Chocolate Advice

I have recently been eating a Dove Chocolate a night. I justify this by telling myself that doctors have said that you should have a certain amount a day. I have no idea what that amount is. Hopefully I am not surpassing it with my single piece.
For those of you who have never had Dove before, it is quite yummy. However my favorite part is that it is somewhat like a fortune cookie. Each piece has a small piece of advice or wisdom on it. Sometimes they are super sweet, other times they are cute. However, recently they have gotten a bit snarky. Tonight mine said “Go ahead, live a little.” They also have gotten a little pushy. One I got the other night said “Don’t apologize!” You don’t know me! Maybe I am a horrible person and need to apologize for something.
The best are the ones that are just out right ridiculous! “Start a game of tag with your friends.” My life is not the opening montage to a 90’s sitcom. I am down for a good snow ball fight. I love hide and go seek. And yes, I break out in random song and dance. But if someone tags me, I am pretty sure they are trying to mug me. And if I saw one adult running from another adult I would be calling the cops.


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