Simple Lightning

I like the simple, little, quirky things in life. It really is the small things that make me happy. This seems like an odd statement for someone who has depression. But when I am not drowning in my own self pity and grasping at a life preserver that feels like it keeps getting harder and harder to reach, the wink of my puppies eye can make my day. Part of that is because I feel like she has control of it and there is meaning behind her winks which makes me slightly petzy. (That is a word I just made up for those who are pet crazy. Ex. Me) The larger part is that I have worked very hard to surround myself with things and people that make me happy.
Today, we had Sunday lunch. It reminded me of the Sunday lunches we use to have at Grandmom’s growing up. I always loved it. It was just enough time with family that I knew how much I loved them, and how happy I was to go home to my only child-dom. Today there was all of the love with out any of the desire to lock myself in my room all alone after. If anything it invigorated me. It gave me that reminder that I love surrounding my self with happy. I spent the remainder of the afternoon cleaning and getting my Florida room and deck ready for summer. There is still work to be done, but I am so excited about how nice it can be, and how nice it will be to have people over.
I also know that if nothing happens, if all my plans fall through, if the big stuff never happens, that those who love me will still be here. They will be at my door with food and smiles and games and love. They will not care if the hot tub is clean or if the lights are hung. They will sit with me and have tea. They will watch episodes of stupid TV or bad movies. The will come over in PJ’s and not judge me for where I am in my life. As those small things start to stack up, I am able to have those moments of happy. Those small wins that even at my lowest moments, I cannot deny.
It may seem odd, but I love lightning. It is the simple things that crack the dark skies like lightning. The lightning may be hard to appreciate and may only seem like brief moments of light. When lightning strikes water it disperses. It is beautiful to look at and does not tend to cause harm. But have you ever seen what happens to sand when it is hit by lightning? I’m not talking about like in Sweet Home Alabama when he plants the rods and makes that glass sculptures. I’m talking about when it hits sand that has not had the heads up of a rod being stuck in it.
Google it.
It’s amazing! The sand rises up and forms this hollow glass/sand/coral thing that is absolutely stunning. You can’t see the beauty in the dark of the storm. The beauty of the lightning may seem brief, fleeting, and slightly scary. However, when the sand is set up just right and the lightning is strong enough, the most beautiful things can occur.


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