sick still…

I am trapped in that space between almost better but could use another day. But then in my own little world where I feel like you can’t get something for nothing will for ever be wondering what I owed for this glorious day. The last time I got excited about a day off I got this heaping load of crap so that will show me now won’t it.

Either way I don’t have much to say. I have not really been past my bed room wall except to some cherroies and water…you know….the necessities. I am planing on taking the day by storm tomorrow. Mainly because I am going to be a storm of coughing and congestion, but somehow I will get through this. I wish it would storm that would be so much more fitting but no….it going to be like 70 and sunny. Any other day of the week I would hop on that and be so excited but right now, I just want to nuzzle under some 50 degree fog…ya know.

Ok clearly time for bed.


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