Stolen Spoons

I have a spoon that I use for my students
You stole that spoon when you took away my authority in an effort to be their buddy making me the enemy. Now they respect neither one of us.

I have a spoon that I use for my artistic outlets.
You stole that when you told me what I was doing was not up to your standards but were unable to articulate what those standards were.

I have a spoon that I use to balance my emotions.
You stole that spoon with your drive by meetings filled with all the things I am not doing right. You have the time to tell me “I don’t have time to tell you all the things that are right.” So why don’t you stop telling me that and tell me one thing I am doing right. But I don’t think you can. After many mini-breakdowns over your lack of support, I have come to the conclusion that it is not my fault. I have stopped expecting anything positive from you.

I have a spoon I use to support my family.
You stole that spoon when you decided to hold my paycheck until I set up a meeting with you. Be honest, we had a meeting time. You messed up and then made it my job to set another time.You are the one who messed up. You should be the one who fixes it. Don’t put your mess-ups on to someone. That is rude.

I have a spoon I use for my son.
You steel that spoon every time you send me into a room filled with people who you know are sick. You knew the day you hired me the stipulations surrounding my health and yet you send me into the battle field anyway and wonder why I get shot. Selfishly, you see it as a day you have to find some one to fill in, a day I’m not there doing the work that you are so unenthused by. On a real level, you have stolen that spoon from my son. That is the end.

I will get my spoons back. It may take me a while but I am lucky enough to be surrounded by people who love and care about me and my family. It will take time, but I will get new ones. You can keep the ones you stole. I don’t want them back.

Let me make one thing very clear,

you will never steal from me again.


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