It’s super windy tonight. It feels like it should storm. I love a good storm.

Today has been a trial. I feel like so many days are recently. Things are never quite as hard as I anticipate. But then something that I don’t anticipate being difficult, becomes harder than rock climbing. I know someone is reading this and saying “I am super good at rock climbing!” Well good for you! I am not!

Have you ever been just waiting for a turn on a busy street and a car goes racing by you and your car kind of waves a little in the wind. At least mine does. You never know what car or truck is going to being going just the right speed to create that rocking motion, but when it does, it can be unnerving. For a split second you think that your car might just tip over. Only for a second. You are able to dismiss it quickly because you know that it would take a lot more than a speeding car to knock over your car. But that moment of doubt can be scary. What’s worse is when it happens repeatedly. Your car never tips over but the shaking, get to be more and more unsettling. You know that you will turn the corner and the flow of traffic will return to normal, but sometimes it is easy to only feel to whip of the wind.


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