One More Moment

I love the thrill of the unfamiliar!

Please understand, in my day to day life I crave structure. Routine helps me feel normal in my extremely unstable life. Sometimes we just need a break to remind us that we should do more than just be. We should also do.

I use to have a bucket list, then that got way to sad. Then I had a 30 things to do before I was 30 list. What I found out while trying to cross off everything on that list is that sometimes there are things in life that are way more exciting that are not on the list. I would miss them because I was so desperately trying to do what I set out to do. So I stopped living by the list and started living. Now I travel, even to near by cities to do things I have never done. Like attend a book signing by my favorite author. Or go to a city that I have never been to just because it was a great deal on Groupon and I needed a Spring Break get away that was not at the beach. Because we all know that the beach is going to be LOADED with drunk college kids and I am not about that life!

We all have control over what our story is going to be. Some people will have a story that is straight and to the point. Some may stray off the point for a little while but come around in the end. Some may feel like they have lost control of their story and let someone else tell it although they will never get it right. I will tell my story. It will be one of adventures, big and small. It will be filled with tears and laughter and questions that no one will be able to answer. It will be an epic, because I will make it that way.

I am excited to get away. But more over, I am excited to try something new so that I can create one more moment of my story.


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