Our Bird Call

Eli has reached the age where he starts mimicking things me and my husband do. It started with me, which was a total surprise to me because daddy is his favorite person right now, and I’m really not insulted because I know that it will swing my way soon and I will be ready! Any way, it started with him making a sound like he was rolling his R’s. Now, like his father, he cannot. He does it with his epiglottis, but it is still cute. He made this sound on his own. What made it special to me was that when I would do it, I would shake my head side to side, like I was saying no. Then he started doing it too!

It was amazing!

It’s like we had this little bird call thing going. I would do it, then he would do it. I would do it, then he would do it. Even when I would make the noise, if he couldn’t make the noise, he would still shake his head. Yesterday I came home from work and right away he started shaking his head and making our sound. It was perfect. Our own little bird call. He now does it with Noah and my mom (I think), but it started with our connection. One little sound, one little head tilt and we made a connection that I have never felt before.

It’s pretty epic.


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