I keep my happiness in a jar above the sink.


Noah says I should explain. Fine, Noah. All too often my weeks seem to pile up with panic, anxiety, and any other sort form of crazy that decides to show up. It’s either by my doing or someone else’s. I try not to let other’s make me crazy because I really need no assistance, but sometimes people just feel the need to help them selves to my unstable sandwich. In an effort to hold on to the moments that were happy, that made me feel good about my self, that made me feel good in general I have started writing down as many of them as I like on a post it every Sunday. Then I fold the post it up and put it in the jar. Some weeks they are major things. Other weeks they are simple things that other people might not think would make a person happy. I plan on reading them on New Years but who knows. I kind of like having them as a safety net. In case I am hospitalized again and I am stuck searching for happy. I will have it, ready to go.
My mini- bestie, Sarah, gave me a plaque when I was in the hospital with Eli. It says “Happy people don’t necessarily have everything… They just make the most of everything they have.” I feel like she gave this to me not only because I really do love the little things but also to remind me that happiness can be found in the simplest things. Celebrate the small stuff. It makes things so much more fun!

So yeah, I keep my happiness in a jar above the sink. You should try it.


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