International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s day.

This is amazing and sad all at the same time. It is amazing that we celebrate women and all that they contribute to this world (you know, life and all). It is also sad that we have to remind the world that we need to be celebrated for our contributions (like life).

Today there was a demonstration called “A Day Without Women”. As much as I am all for showing the world what they would be missing if women were not doing the amazing things that they do, I think it is because of that I could not bring myself to do it. PLEASE hear me say – I support every woman that was strong enough and able to stand up for the cause. But I have two big problems facing me.
1- That I have 2 bosses. They do not see that women are being oppressed and do not feel the need to fight for the cause.
2- I feel the need to serve. I feel like I am doing the most good by continuing to fight from within. I will never leave those in need of women without one. I also will not stay just because I am one. I will be valued. But the only way I can teach anyone how to value me is by continuing to fight.
These are my own personal feelings. I know they may not be felt by everyone and everyone may not agree. That is fine. We all have our own way to serve the cause. This is mine.

Still,  these reasons are somewhat sad to me. I should have bosses that understand that we need to fight the good fight together. I also should not have to fight the fight at all. It is hard. But I am thankful for every woman out there who fights with me.

So if you took today to demonstrate in the “Day Without Women” movement, I applaud you! If you took today to continue showing just how much a woman is needed in the work place, home, or just in the world, I applaud you! You did it! You made the world a better place. You helped show just what International Women’s Day is about.


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