Random #2 (I think)

  • I have spent about a 1/3 of the last 7 years of my life in a hospital.
  • For a brief moment I was the youngest reported case of PNH. Then I was beat by a 5 1/2 year old.
  • I was married once before. That is the last you will ever hear about that.
  • I am an introvert. (I hear some of you laughing. I’m an introvert, not a hermit.)
  • I love hosting parties. My anxiety makes it hard for me to attend them.
  • I suffer from Splitting in my personal relationships. It is normally in a persons favor, but I have a hard time if and when the shoe drops. I am always working on it.
  • I do not believe in nepotism. Just ask my friends.
  • When ever the pain gets bad when they are placing an IV, I start to sing “Blue Skies” by Irving Berlin. I have no idea why that song, but it popped in my head one day and stuck.
  • Noah and I went to see theatre almost every night while we were on our honey moon. Yep. I am that big of a theatre geek.
  • I have trouble remembering my life without Noah. Not sure if that means I should have something checked or if that just means that I have a selective memory. I like to think it is the latter.
  • Today was a treatment day. My brain hurts. My arm hurts. My scar(s) hurts. (Voldermort is near) My feet hurt. But my heart is full. I will count this as a win. Or at least as a not losing.

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