An amazing day! (Part 1)

I had one of the craziest/busiest/amazing/stress filled/love filled days ever! I don’t even know where to start.

This morning I went in to work. Long story super short, beasted out the morning. I know I did good work. Anyone who would like to tell me wrong can erect a monument with the inscription “In Loving Memory of When I Gave A S*** About What You Thought”. Any person with an opinion I care about has enough sense to recognize when work is being done, goals are being made, and deadlines are being met. BUT, enough about that because that was BY FAR the dullest part of my day.
Then my family packed up in the car for a day trip. We headed into Raleigh for a day of fun and adventure. And we got it 10 fold.
We headed over to Quail Ridge Books so that I could meet an author who I have come to love, respect, and who inspired me to start this blog. I mean she didn’t say to me “Angela, you should really write a blog. People want to know what you are thinking everyday of your life. You are so cool.” But I can pretend she at least said the last part and feel confident enough about my self and my struggles to post them publicly for the world (or all 5 of you. Hi Sheila.) to read. I had packed up all of her books that I owned, my pillow that she designed and Noah got me for Christmas, and some random “Travel Trash” (junk food) in a bag the night before and was ready to get her to sign it all. The event was sold out but I had purchased a signing line ticket so I could at least get a chance to meet her, tell her thank you, get her to put her name on some stuff and pretend that we were friends for a hot 5 seconds.
When we pulled in to the book store parking lot there was a line of people around the building. My heart sunk. My first thought was that I was never going to get in to see her. Then I started thinking about Noah and Eli and how they were going to have to be standing in the cold with me. Then I started to panic. Noah calmed me down and assured me that it would be fine. If Eli got fussy he would just go for a walk or chill with him in the car. I guess Eli knew I was stressed about everything because I do not think I have ever seen him so happy. We were just chilling in that signing line, waiting for her to finish talking and start signing, and he was in the best mood. He was cooing and talking to anyone who would listen. He flirted with the book store workers, the other people in line. There was even a couple who had their child there as well. He bonded with them and by the end of the afternoon we traded information and made plans to meet up for dinner in the future.
We were in that line for over an hour with no sign of even getting inside anytime soon. A lady came out of the book store and handed her ticket to the other couple with the baby. “Take it. Take the baby inside. I don’t have anything I need signed.” The couple felt so bad but I assured them it was fine and they should go. There little girl was only 5 months and needed the warmth more than we did. Not 5 min later, one of the employees came and got me and Noah. “Jenny would like for you guys to come inside. She understand what it is like to be traveling with a child.” Jenny knew about me? She said to come in? I felt like I had been let into OZ by the little Guard. So we came in and tucked ourselves towards the back of the store. At which point another employee came up to us and said “We are going to move you all to the front of the line.” I thought I was going to fall over. It was like the stars were all lining up. It was a moment where I don’t think anything could have been more right. My son was happy. My husband was holding my hand. My favorite author and undoubtedly one of my heroes was less than 6 feet in front of me. The best part was, I was able to step back and see it all. I could breathe. Even if it was only for one second. I was just there, seeing it all, feeling it all in real time. I was not worried about what was next or what had happened before. All that mattered was that moment.
I met her. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. She said exactly what I hoped she would. It was like someone had handed her a script that had been printed from my head. I teared up, but got myself in check fairly quickly. She didn’t seem to mind. I get the feeling that happens to her quite a bit.
At the moment I am going to have to leave my amazing day at that. I have more, but I cannot keep my eyes open.

My head is full and happy.
My heart is full and happy.
What more could anyone need?


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