An amazing day (part 2)

I am still in shock and awe over yesterday. There are very few things in life that amount to what you think they will be. Most things end up falling short. There are those few times in your life when they just go above and beyond. Yesterday was one of those time.

I really don’t have much more to add about meeting Jenny. She was amazing and gracious. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. I had always hoped it would be that way, but never thought it would actually be. But it was. I hate I could not hear what she was saying in her program but honestly, what was said in that 2 minute meeting meant more to me than anything said to a group.


Yeah, she’s amazing. She knows her fan base. She knows how much she means to them, but she also knows how to take care of herself so that she can help others when possible. I am half way through her new book and I plan on finishing tonight.

Now, back to yesterday.
After we finished up at Quail Ridge Books we went in search of food. Little did we know we were in the middle of one of the those crazy, upscale, outdoor mall, places that was riddled with Lexus’, Porches’, and other rich people cars that I don’t know the name of. Even the Moe’s had a door man. Okay maybe not. But it could have because once we figured out how to get out we did. By that point I was having a panic attack. I was lashing out at anything and everything. I could hear myself and I just could not make it stop. I was making valid points but I could not make them without sounding like a high strung teenager.
Then there was a moment of clarity. I asked Noah to make the call. Fix it. What ever he decided was what we would do. At first he felt the pressure but when I assured him there was no wrong answer, I think it made things easier. At least I hope it did. Because what happened next was perfect.

Our good friend DJ has opened a store, PD Shades,  not 30 min from where we were and they were having their grand opening. Noah decided that we should go and visit DJ’s opening party and then find food on our way home. We could not have had a nicer time! We had our pictures taken in the photo booth. Eli got to spend time with Uncle DJ. I got a BEAUTIFUL new shirt! And we got to see some old friends we had not seen in quite a while.
On our way home, we stopped to get dinner. I have this rule that if we are in a different city, we are not allowed to eat fast food. We must eat somewhere local. It is my little effort to support local business and always keep trying new food. Somewhere, off a slightly beaten path we found a place called American Hero. I have not had a Chicken Philly that good in a REALLY REALLY long time! The sandwich was MASSIVE and the bread was perfect! We split a piece of Chocolate Moose Truffle Cake! Perfection! I would stop here again and again!

I love travel. It can be hard with someone like me. My anxiety can get the best of me at times. I crave structure and order so it makes it hard for me to let go and just be sometimes. Days like this help. Days like this remind me that letting go is good sometimes. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take sometime to myself. I need reminding of that sometimes. Days like this help me remember. I have to take care of myself or I will not be here to help take care of those who need me the most.


PS – Not that she needs my little boost, but here are links to Jenny’s Blog and her books on Amazon. Although if you want to do it the “Jenny way”, get them from a local book store. Most of them will deliver to your house too.


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