I made it!

I am here!

I was so confident that there was no way today was going to happen. This morning I went into work. Within minuets of being there I was sick. I ran to the bathroom to try to hide from my students, and as I was bending over, my phone fell in the toilet. I grabbed it, and then promptly got sick everywhere. I was so sure I was not going to survive the car ride home that I almost just pulled over and slept in the parking lot of whatever gas station would host me for a few hours. I called into my other school and told them I was not going to make it in. After what felt like a good 7 hours I finally made it home and into the bed.
Noah woke me up at noon. He acted as if nothing was wrong. I am not sure if that is because he was unaware of how bad it had actually been this morning or if he knew that by acting this way I would follow suit. Because I did. We had done most of the work last night and the little odds and ends he had covered. Eli was soon whisked away and the next thing I knew we were off to the hospital for my injection before we were going to get on the road. I was starting to come to, which was nice. It was taking time but I never felt rushed or pressured. And now, we are here.
I will go into way more detail in upcoming post but as for now, we are here. I may spend the next 3 days in bed recovering or I may spend them out and about before they cut open my chest again. Either way, I must keep reminding myself, there is no wrong answer.




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