This is me

I have come to appreciate my blog more and more. I appreciate those who read it, those who comment, and those who like it.
Mostly I have come to appreciate how honest I can be here. Here, I am me.

Not that I am not me every other time you see me. I am still me. I can’t change that without lots of surgery and lots of medications.(Or maybe lack of medications) It’s just that when we see people, even when we see them often, we only see glimpses of them. The meetings are windows, slides in a slide show, of that persons life. I know that I do not write my entire life here. But here, it is not a chance meeting. It is not some limited window with other factors weighing in. There are no other factors. I have no one to please. I write for me. And someday’s, I am the only person who ever sees it. And I am OK with that.

This is me.

***PS – On the last night of our Mini-Vacation and I will blog about all of it’s glory here soon! Promise!


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