Day 2 of Williamsburg

The first part of the day was spent sleeping in! And it was wonderful. And very much needed. Today was the day I was going to treat Noah to his surprise! When I had been looking up all of the fun things we could do in Williamsburg this rose to the top! I knew he would love it and I knew I would have fun as well. As we programmed into our GPS our location the gig was up. He knew where we were headed but was not disappointed. “Starting route to The Cheese Shop” . His eyes lit up.
“Are you serious right now? There is an entire shop of cheese?”
Yes, yes there was. And we got to eat there too. And by cheese to go. And get samples. We spent the better part of an hour and a half there. But I was happy I could make him so happy.
The rest of the day was spent looking in shops we wished we could afford things in. I found this one dress I LOVED. I told Noah he needed to hurry up and find an event that was important enough for me to wear a dress like that. I guess that is just as much on me as it is on him. But if both of us get to working on it maybe it will happen sooner than later. Later that evening Noah had his heart set on playing trivia back at the resort. I was all for it because I am not half bad at trivia. Turned out to be St.Patrick’s Day Trivia and although we were not the worst, we were not the best. We were the best, however, at putting away some whisky. So we could both enjoy our selves, we went and purchased a bottle of Crown. All I will say is, said bottle of Crown did not see the sunrise. And neither did we. But here are somethings we did see that lovely day before that lovely evening.




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