De flu

If I called it the flu people would tell me to stay at home and get better. They would not want me around other people. They would be worried that others might catch it too.
But when you have de flu people don’t talk about it. No one would give you a day off work despite the fact that sometimes your emotions can effect your body as much if not more as the flu does.
No one asks why or how you got the flu they just assume you were around someone who gave it to you and they go about trying to see what they can do to help you feel better.
Everyone assumes that something horrible must be happening to trigger de flu and even if that is the case, there is this feeling that at some point you should just have to “tough it up” like my boss says. “You have to do this shit. It has to get done. I don’t want to hear your excuses.” This only makes de flu worse.
Flu goes away with time and a z-pac.
People think de flu goes away when meds are right and we remember to take them. What they don’t know is that those pills are a inflatable life boat. Sometimes it loses air making it harder to stay afloat. The medications help us not drown.
When you come back to work, after having the flu people are forgiving and give you extra time and extension on deadlines.
Most people hide the fact that they have de flu behind anything and everything. They become careful and well placed liars. No one can know the truth. No one can no how often the truth gets you.

I have de flu.


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