I work with a thief!

Sadly, it’s nothing that I can report to the authorities. Although if it were up to me, said person would be in for life. As they should be. People like this should not be allowed to be out among society until they have undergone serious rehabilitation.
They are a happiness thief. I hear some chuckles. But think about how horrible it is when every time you try to celebrate even the smallest victories, they are taken from you. Anything that would amount to you being happy, is pushed off onto someone else. There is truly nothing that can be done that has been done that you should be proud of or happy about.
Well, I’m done. I can’t take back the happiness they take from me. Sadly, they are the boss and if what I am doing is not up to par, then there is no reason to celebrate. No reason for me to be proud of the work I do there. And that’s fine. I do other work in other places that is appreciated and valued and that makes me happy and helps me know that I am not totally out of place in my passion.
But as for what I do in the undermining pit of despair, well I have decided to let this dark place bring new light. Every day – for the remainder of my time in this location, I will pick either someone I know or maybe even a stranger and I will say something kind to them. I am going to put the happy back out into the world that this thief is trying to steal. Not today you criminal. You will not win today.


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