I love to people watch. More so, I love to people listen. My favorite is when I ketch one or two exchanges that seem totally random but I am sure are highlighted just for my entertainment.
The best is when I can close my eyes and hear lines of conversations all around me. It’s like people who are not talking to one another having a conversation with out being aware they are talking to someone. Most of the time it is someone they don’t even know. I am usually in a crowded Starbucks or restaurant when this happens so the likelihood that people at tables on opposite sides of the room know each other is slim. But sometimes their conversations line up so perfectly, it’s like they have known each other for years.

Most of the time it is because the conversations become light and funny. There is a sense of comfort as they banter back and forth. Keep in mind, they never know they are talking to one another. Every so often a third party will join in with a line like “Billy wet the bed again” or “I need to go pick up my ADHD from the…oh look the food is here.” Which is when the other table will chime back in “I told him that is not his, but he is just going to take what ever he wants as long as it will put him on top.” This seems a little harsh when someone is just excited about some eggs-benedict, but it makes for great entertainment. It’s a live theatre. For a select audience. Only those who are quiet and nosey enough to listen.


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