Good Job, Mommy

Today was mine.
Largely in part because I refused to let anyone take it from me. I woke up happy, which is not normal, so I took that feeling and ran with it! I was not going to let anyone take it away. In doing so, I realized how many people actually are happy right along with me. If not, my happiness seemed to make them at least pleasant.
I was doing good and then I encountered my happiness thief. They tried and tried. I just put on my blinders. I will admit, they got me for a hot second. I could feel that tense feeling you get in the back of your throat and at one point I could feel tears trying to make their way to my head. But somehow, reason won out. I managed to recognize that THEY were out of control and they were lashing out at me. At one point they even threatened to take parts of my job away from me. It was at that moment I realized 2 things: A. They did not have the ability to do this and B. I DID NOT CARE WHAT THEY DID! This is not one of those, I’m saying this to help my self get over something. I realized, I really don’t care what this person thinks. I apologized to them about my work being less than what they wanted and then left knowing, there is NO WAY they are going to hire me again. Which is FINE because I had not intended on returning without MAJOR changes that I know would not be things that would be accepted.
When I got home, Eli came crawling to the door at his lighting speed to greet me. It was perfect! I picked him up and he leaned in like he was hugging me. He does not quite hug yet but it still felt nice. Then he started patting my back. It was like he was telling me “Good job today Mommy! I am proud of you!”
Honestly, that is all I need.


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