Gotta Go

Every now and then I start to feel like I have been trapped in a small space for too long. I know that’s silly because I travel between 3 different cities almost every day but outside of that 90 mile triangle, I don’t go or see any where else. Oddly enough, I don’t really even know that much about the small little cities I travel to. I feel like I am always just passing through. If it is not on that little part of road that I travel every day, I don’t know it. I would love to explore, keep to my no chain restaurants rule and have lunch one day in one location, but I never have time. Just passing through. And that’s easy to do when you are stuck in the routine of work. The day in, day out, routine of work.

So I need to get out. I keep looking at the calendar trying to find a 23-48 hours that I can just maybe go one or two cities over for a rib festival, or fireworks show on the lake, or a family owned Greek place with “The Best Tyropita in NC”, or a kite parade (if there is such a thing). All I know is, I gotta go!
My next trip will be here before I know it. Until then I will have to by my time trying to find new places to explore here at home. I just need to MAKE TIME to explore what is here. To break out of the day in and day out with out losing my mind or feeling guilty for doing so. Part of that stems from my current job, but I cannot pretend that I have not always suffered from need to always be doing something or like I am always behind. Even in my efforts to become more carefree and explore more of the unknown I have had to lay out rules. HA!

Let’s make it a game. Let’s see what I can find without leaving the my little triangle.
Game. Set. Match



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