Sleep shopping

I had NO idea that this was a real thing. That people take medication and then they go on line and buy stuff from Amazon. I honestly thought that it was a lie people told so they would not be embarrassed by the purchases they made.
But now it has happened to me. I am not sure if I did it in my sleep or just while I was still in that 1/2 in 1/2 out of anesthesia state after having my port placed or just after they finally gave me oxy for the first time in forever. Either way,  I ended up with some nice stuff. Some colored pencils, some new clothes, and some water colored brushes. It’s like Christmas shopping for yourself. Everyone should try it.
Okay maybe not the taking meds part. But they could invent a drug called the Christmas pill or “x-mas” to make is sound more pharmaceutical. You could take it one night while sitting in front of your computer. It would allow you to go on line and shop and not know what you bought until it arrived Christmas morning! This sounds like the next big thing in medical research. I mean, if we are going to devote so much time and resources to making men “perform better” then I think we should have a Christmas pill. Right after a cure for cancer. All cancers.
So the order is:
1) All Cancers
2) Christmas pill
3) Male performance enhancers.
Actually there are quite a few things that come before number 3. But I am going to leave number 2 where it is right now because I am really enjoying getting presents from someone who knows me so well. Selfish, I know. Let’s be honest, so are male performance enhancers and they only help some people where as everyone can benefit from a little surprise present!


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