I had such a fun night!
There is this huge lot next to the Theatre I work at and a small carnival has set up there. I was under the impression that they did not open until tomorrow but when I pulled up to rehearsal today IT WAS UP AND RUNNING! I was so excited! I love fairs/carnivals/and the like. I have NO idea where this comes from but I have just always loved a good fair.
I had my one of my little buddies with me but she was super stoked to see the fair up and running as well. Somehow we magically got out of rehearsal early. LB and I were totally on the same page. She texted her mom to get permission, I texted my husband to get permission (not really, for any first time readers) and then we were off to the fair!
3 rides, 2 games, 2 stuffed animals, and 2 funnel cakes later, I am home and beyond happy. As is she. I don’t think either of us stopped smiling the entire time.
One of the rides we rode spun us around and made it so she slid into me. I told her not to worry that she would not hurt me it would be fine. She looked at me panicked and asked what do we do with our cell phones? I had not thought of that! Adulting fail! She looked around and says just sit on it. Well, I had the keys too. So the entire ride I had the keys, my phone and our tickets under my butt as we slid around in a circle. I felt like this would be the start to the WORST AAA phone call ever! We finished the ride with phones, keys and tushies intact.
PLEASE hear me say, I value my adult time! I NEED my adult time! My adult friends are amazing and I would not trade them in for anything in the world!
But I love having these crazy little tweenage buddies. I feel like the crazy aunt that takes them to fairs at 9:30 at night. Because I am. I like that i can help boost their confidence in a way that real family sometimes can’t. Because your mom will always tell you that you look pretty even when you’re riding the struggle bus in your p.j.’s at 3 in the afternoon. So it’s hard to gauge when you are ACTUALLY looking pretty vs. looking “mom” pretty. I’m not related to you. I have no reason to lie to you. So I am going to call it like I see it. I get to introduce new experiences, but also be there to make sure that they don’t get too hurt. A little hurt is going to happen.
I am thankful to the families that share their amazing kids with me. I am so lucky that they are willing to let me spend time with them. Sometimes I am even lucky enough to get to be adult friends with the parent. It’s like a two for one! WAHT!!!
I am one lucky girl.


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