I am SO excited! Tomorrow, health permitting, I get to do 2 wonderful things.

After Katie and My adventure to the fair, Noah got super jealous and now wants me to take him to the fair for our date night. Although he has told me he does not want to ride any rides… I am not sure what has made him want to go to the fair if he doesn’t want to ride rides but I am game. I think I have managed to talk him into a few rides.
I also get to dye Easter eggs tomorrow! (Pictures to come) I have not done this in YEARS and I don’t know why I decided this was the year to start doing it again. It’s not like Eli can do it with me. Or that he can even appreciate them. But for whatever reason I am beside myself about these eggs. Maybe it’s the new meds? I wonder if that could be a new side effect. “May cause desire to dress family up in cute Spring clothes and dye pretty Easter eggs.” I can handle that. On that note…

Noah just got super scared of a bug. I just hear from across the room “Bug you better step off me. I will end you!” Yep. My husband knows how to be thug with bugs.

Now hes arguing with me that he was not scared he was just warning it that he was going to kill it. It was not so much the words as the movement that lead me to the scared assessment.

I think it is bedtime for both of us.


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