April Date Night

I mean, we did okay. For two adults who probably have not done this in over two decades we did pretty well. Not to mention the fact that we were working with that PASS store dye. But this is what we came up with.

Easter Eggs Brighter
Part of me thought about saying that we let the kids from down the street help. There are kids that live down the street that we do love and adore who have been known to come do some super cool arts and crafts with us, but we decided to take all the credit (or blame) for these glorious eggs.
After that egg-venture (oh yes, I went there!) , we were ofF to the fair for date night! Keep in mind I had just taken a lil buddy there earlier in the week. Noah, who had NEVER shown any intErest in anything fair related, all of a sudden wanted to go for date night after hearing about me and lil buddies adventure. So off we went. Here is the highlight reEl of tonight…

Fair Smile Edited
(Thank GOD this man loves me! I am one goofy lookin’ girl!)

I have powdered sugar in my eye. – Me

That was so good! My stomach disagrees but it can suck it! My tongue is happy. – Noah

Me – Don’t put powdered sugar on me. I was doing good.
Noah – You can’t tell. Is that why you wore that shirt?
Me – Yes as camouflage for powdered sugar.

Noah – * As we board a ride that spins you around and around.*  “Don’t forget I get dizzy really easily.”

Noah – Oh my god just don’t focus on any one thing

Noah – Oh god why did I let you do this to me?

Noah – I love you I love you I love you I love you (I am fairly certain he was reminding himself that he loved me and not actually telling me by this point.)

Noah – I wanna ride the alien abduction! What does it do?

Me – I wanna ride that one.
Noah – Really?
Me – Yeah.
Noah – I thought you didn’t want to go upside- down?
Me – Let’s do it!
Noah – All right! I’m in!
Me – WHAT?! Are you trying to call my bluff?
Noah – Yes.
Me – Well, you will. I’m out!

We did go through the fun house though. It was REALLY fun for me however. So we start in and Noah is darting though the mirror maze ahead of me which I thought was odd but then all of a sudden I hear the loudest smack that can only be described as a grown man running face first into a wall because that is what it was. Please know, I never want Noah to ever be in real pain, but after I checked to make sure he was not going to have a concussion, I just about fell over laughing! He now has a nice goose egg over his eye brow.

So many eggs in one day!


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