I love this word!

This is the best word to describe what I feel like I strive to achieve on a day to day basis. I feel like it is the thing we are lied to about the most. We are made to feel like there is one perfect way to be an adult. The problem is, no two people can tell you exactly what it means to be an adult or to be adulting.
For most of us it means doing things like paying bills, going to our jobs, taking care of paperwork no one really wants to take care of. But when I got too sick to do some of those things, I started to feel like I was less of an adult. Less of a person. I could not go to a job and there was so much paperwork I could never even start to understand it all. All of this just lead me to a deep depression. Something I did not think I could shake.
It took me a long time to realize that adults have their own flaws and their own struggles. It is through their own struggles they find their own way to be an adult and to adult. I am an adult every day I take a shower, every time I choose to go get treatment instead of brushing it off, and when I take a deep breath instead of breaking down into tears.

I may not win the prize for best adulting. But I am never going to stop adulting in my own way.


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