Thank Yous

I have trouble remembering to say thank you. I feel like such a hypocrite because I have no problem feeling like I should be thanked. So then I start to say thank you a lot in hopes that someone will feel less shitty than I do about not being thanked.
There are favors that we do for people sometimes and when they are done, for the most part people are thanked. If they are not, then the people who forgot are marked as rude and favors are never done for them again!
I wish.
But it is easy to forget when you have to ask people to do a lot for you to remember to tell them thank you every time they do it. Does this make you a bad person?
There are also those things that are constants. All those things we have to do to make life work. We have to do dishes. We have to do laundry. We all have to go to work. That is if we want to maintain a lifestyle we like.  WE. Meaning everyone who benefits from those things being done. But I do not see people lining up to thank people for going to work, or doing chores.
I think we have to either thank everyone all the time for everything they do.
We need to start calling it even.
Maybe a bit of both. Maybe we let go of the fact that we are not thanked EVERY SINGLE TIME we do something for one another and appreciate it when we are thanked. We have got to appreciate the appreciation and know that those who love us do. Because if we didn’t, it would just become a game of who can keep score better. And I suck at sports.


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