A+ Day

I want to keep tonight’s post short and sweet. Mostly because I am anxious to get to bed. Tomorrow is another big day. However, so was today. And today, although busy, was very productive. Which makes me very happy. I feel very accomplished. What makes this even better is that I feel accomplished because of things I did and the way I feel about them. I did not need anyone to boost me up or pat me on the back. Which helps somewhat alleviate my fear that I need someone to follow me around and tell me how great I am. Don’t get me wrong, that would be awesome! But only for a little while. After a while it becomes disingenuous. I would never know the truth. And that’s what made today awesome. I know the truth and I found it on my own. (If this was a musical there would be a song here. Just saying.)
Starting tomorrow I am expecting things to get rocky. Everyone at work and the volunteers have told me horror stories and I am very fearful going in. So my goal for next week is to get as much rest as possible and try to stay as positive as possible. Here is where you come in. My post will be very short for the next few days. In an effort to not delve into or commit to memory the bad things that may happen, I will only be posting one positive thing a night.
I am not sure if I have said this in a previous post but I will not be returning to the company I am working for after my contract is up. I think my reasons are more than clear. So I am doing my best to try to let go of what negativity they brought into my life. They are not worth it. Nothing is.
So this is where I stand tonight and where I will stand for the rest of the week. In a positive light.


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