3 Years

When you’re little 3 years seems like forever. You never ask a 5 year old “Where do you see yourself in 3 years?” If they’re super smart they say “As an 8 year old.” But that’s only if you get one of the good ones.
When you are in your teens 3 years seems so far away. No 11th grader would date an 8th grader. That’s just gross. Lets be honest, most teenage relationships are gross.
When your an adult, you are almost forced to look into the future. People ask you questions about your future plans. You use words like “forever” and “always” and you are expected to mean them. That can put a lot of pressure on things. Being an adult is pressure enough with out using infinitive terms and being expected to never grow or change. What’s amazing is when you find someone who will grow and change with you. I am lucky. I have just that.
He never started out as part of my “3 year plan” or even my “5 year plan”. But that all went out the window before I met him. He helped me see there was still a way to get through it all. We would make our plan together. We really have taken everything life has thrown at us, good and bad, and made it part of our plan. I don’t know how, but I know I could never have done it alone.
Thank you Noah for being my partner for another year. Let’s do it again!


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