The yellow button

The lady who almost always checks me in at the Cancer Center checked me in today. She could tell I was not myself. I was pale and looked as if the life had been sucked out of me. My heart hurt. I keep trying to stay positive, not just here, but everywhere and it keeps getting harder and harder.
This lady is so amazing. She always has a yellow button that says “How can I pray for you today?” I love it. It is so unassuming. She is not trying to forcing anything on you she just wants to know what she can do to help you feel a little closer to her God. I find something very endearing about this.
Anyway, checking in today she was very concerned. I explained my situation and for the first time ever I heard her say something I never thought I would hear from her. She said, “That will not sit right with the Lord. It’s very simple. It’s karma. I don’t care what you believe, what goes around, comes around. ” I thought it was brilliant. And true. Then she offered to politely come with me to work and set anyone who felt the need to speak to me with a rude tone in their place. That was my favorite part. I explained that I only had one day left and I appreciated the offer but she assured me if I ever needed her, she would come whenever I needed to set anyone I needed straight since I was too polite to do so.
Once again, out of all this, positivity is still abound. It just maybe harder to see, but it is still there.

P.S.- one more day….ONE DAY MORE!


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