Okay, I was going to make a post tonight about how cute and happy my son is. For the most part he sleeps through the night and is super chill. But every now and then he has these nights where he is, to use Noah’s words, a Jerk. So tonight when he decided the hour nap from 10-11 was enough and he was ready to play, we decided it was time to let him start crying it out.
I know I am sure I am about to get 1000 million comments about how to parent my child and please know, I am not looking for advice on this one. There are times when I will need help and have questions, this is not that time.
But I thought it might be fun to post a up to the min. update on how things are going. So far we have tried sending Nana in to sit with him, Noah went in to sit with him, I gave him a bottle, and Hobbes Cat got worried at one point and went in. Now we are to the “Check every 10 min to make sure hes alive and then let him keep crying” stage. Not really “fun” but I figure the play by play might help distract me.

We are past the hick-up cry and on to the plain screaming to make sure someone can still hear him. I went in and he looked at me like “What the fuck lady!” At which point I left. I will not be looked at with that language!

Well this may not have been as eventful as I hoped. He seems to have worn himself out. We are still getting a few oh’s and ah’s from the monitor.

Noah has gone into make sure he is alive.
He is.
And he is sleeping.
He has taken solace with a stuffed panda in what, I am sure he can only imagine, is his new home.



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