Endings and Beginnings

Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s back to work I go.

I have had the luxury of having the past few days off from my morning class. I am NOT a morning person so this has been AMAZING! Sadly it is coming to an end. But on a bright note, so is the school year.
I am only contracted to work until May 29th so this means I only have 3 weeks left of classes.
AND morning students will be on their Middle School Trip for a week, not next week but the week after.
AND so will my afternoon class, so I will only have my primary school students Monday- Wednesday and then the REST OF THE WEEK OFF! So that means day adventures to places we have never been!
AND then I will be off on an adventure to Tybee Island, GA with the family. It will be our first trip with just our little family. I love all of my family and “family” members, but it will be nice for just the 3 of us.
THEN it is off to Waynesville, NC with Mom and any of our “family” members who can come.
AND THEN the fun starts with my new contact of Summer Stock Theatre at Studio 1 where I will be directing 3 full length shows in 6 weeks. I know this may sound stressful to those who do theatre. But for those who have ever worked in a Summer Stock, it is like a sprint to the finish line. It’s hard, but it is a rush. It’s amazing to feel the wind in your face and feel your feet hitting the ground as you push yourself to a finish line that is only a few yards away.
At least that’s what I imagine sprinting must feel like. I have never run a day in my life. The only way I’m going to run is if someone is chasing me.
Anyways, there is a lot of happy ahead that I am trying to keep my eyes on. As daunting as some things are, it is nice to come back to a list like this and see so much wonderful. Even if some of that wonderful is the ending of things, it leaves room for another adventure.



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