The truth

Those who know me know that I am not a fan of nepotism. The place that it upsets me the most is in theatre. It is easy to think your loved ones are the most talented people ever. Talent, in any capacity, is highly revered so it is easy to see talent in those you love and respect. Because of that I feel like talent in others often goes unrecognized. It is for this very reason that when I am casting a show that Noah or any one I love auditions for, I get others thoughts on casting to help me see uncompromised talent.  It also means that I tend to judge those I love more harshly, in theatrical matters, to try to level the playing field for those I don’t know.
All that being said, tonight I saw Noah in Beauty and The Beast. I know that he is talented. I have worked with him MANY times and he is never disappointing. But tonight, he shined. I found myself comparing all the others to the level of his performance. I am always proud to be his partner. But there are times where I am filled with pride because I see others enjoying him as much as I get to on a day to day basis. I don’t know that every wife gets to say that. I don’t know that every wife wants that. But I love sharing the things that make me happy. And when I see my husband giving amazing performances like he did tonight, I count my self lucky. I am married to someone who can help provide the escape that good theatre does.
I am one lucky girl.


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