Am I the only one?

I am so done with this school year! To the extent that I am getting a little bitter. I just want to call in for the rest of my contract and say “Well, it’s been fun but, I just don’t care any more!”
That right there! That’s what I mean! I know some teachers are done with the year, but to say I don’t care, that is more than just ready for the school year to end. I am ready to be out of this school. I know I am not coming back so my desire to teach them ANYTHING has vanished. It’s not like they are going to care. It is not like I am going to reach them in some way that will help them become more accomplished students. Most of my students don’t even want to be in my class! And it is not like it is a requirement. If this was English, History, or Science I would understand that there are going to be students who don’t want to be in my class. But this is why I do not teach said classes. Theatre is not something that has to be understood to be able to function in life. Yes, it makes you a well rounded person, a smarter person, and an overall better person. But in my mind, it falls under higher education. If you don’t desire to have it, then move on out. I think a basic understanding of theatre is important, but I feel like MOST English classes cover that. Basic understanding is a lesson, not a year long class.
Regardless, this school, no this contractor has no idea what it takes to make a real theatre class happen. That’s why none of the kids took it seriously. They all just thought it was an easy A. And it was. And then I showed up and wanted more. That was a mistake. Wanting more. Because now, I want less. Actually, I want none! I am over it!


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