What’s 1 more?

I’m sure I have told this story 100 times but today is the day it should be heard.

I have to go to the doctor once a week to get blood work done. For what ever reason I had not been feeling very well but I figured it just was time for platelets or my counts were just off or something was just wrong. After sitting there for longer than usual, I see my PA come around the corner and she looks really distressed.
Please keep in mind, I do not speak doctor. I have picked up a little here and there over my time with them the past 8 years but I am no where close to fluent so I am so sorry if I offend anyone in the next part of my story.
She walk in and said “Angela, I’m sorry but your OB1-C32b test have come back. Your LBGT is positive.” Then she stared at her clip board and shook her head and flipped papers around. You could have heard a pin drop. No one said anything. The room was silent. I was positive that was my end. My death was on those papers she was flipping so flippantly on her clip board.
I waited for a second and then finally had to ask. “OK. So what does that mean? Am I dying?”
“NO.” She said. As if I was being melodramatic.  But wouldn’t you be worried if your LGBT was positive, although I guess that is better than it being negative…but I digress…because I doubt those are the letters she actually used …IT DOES NOT MATTER! “You are not dying. You are going to have a baby.”

I have a baby. I have had that baby for a year now. That baby is you. And even now typing that sentence make me so happy I cry. You make me so happy. The odds were never in our favor, but we favor each other. Together, year by year, we will show this world just who we are and what we can do. A year ago today, one of us was not suppose to make it. I think you and I have a lot we can teach the world. Thank you for giving me that much more to fight for. I love you endlessly, selflessly, and with all of my being. You bring out the light in everyone you meet. Don’t ever loose that quality. It will get you so far in life.



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