Home grown adventures

I had one of the best mothers days on the books. I will be writing about it soon but I want to write about some other things as they are happening in real time.

I am getting closer and closer to my contract being finished up and the school year being over! This is going to be an amazing thing. Stress has invaded my house like a flock of locusts and like there are two sides to every story, I am sure there are about 8 sides to these stories depending on who you ask at what time of day. Where some aspects are settling down, others are heating up. Things that were just falling to the way side because things that were out of our control took president are now stepping into the spot light and all of a sudden that spot light is getting super hot and I don’t know how much longer I can handle it with the grace and poise (HA!) that I have been.
All of this to say that I have decided it is time to go on some home grown adventures. I have work to do to get ready for this summer and other up coming events, but if I don’t get a little bit of play time in here soon I am going to lose my ever loving mind. There is this big confusion that when I sleep that is my “me time”. NO! That is my body saying “Take time or I will take it for you in a way not as loving as sleep.”
So this week is about adventures. That is all I am going to post about this week. Unless something urgent comes in, some “breaking news”, but this week, I am taking time to enjoy being a Mom to my fabulous son, being a Wife to my loving husband, being a friend for my fabulous partners in crime and exploring the city and neighboring cities I live in. I am working on gathering items for a silent auction for an upcoming fundraiser and I decided this would be a great opportunity to explore and see what I enjoyed and then see if I could possibly get something donated for the fundraiser. All of the proceeds go to Studio 1 Summer Stock Season plus I get to have a good time trying new things. This is truly a win win situation.
Today’s adventure lead us to Shiffman’s Jewelers on Elm St. One of my dear friends works there and mentioned that she might be able to get a donation for us if we just came by. They had a huge sale going on. She encouraged us to look around at all of the beautiful items. Not just jewelry but they also had absolutely beautiful china. And then I saw it. It was like Venetian China or maybe it was blown China (if that’s a thing) either way. I told her, if her boss could spare anything, those would be amazing. They were significantly marked down so my fingers were crossed. I know that would be a high priced item at the auction that could raise A LOT of money!
After that we headed to the local bookstore. I have not been to a local bookstore in so long it was so nice. It was quiet and quaint. Everything you would want an indy bookstore to be. There was a calendar of events, none of which I could do this month, but it was nice to know of something else to do when things were dark and the library is not where I want to be. The owner was very helpful, she sent us down to a place called “Boxcar” which was a grown up arcade! We had so much fun! I played pinball and then then Noah and I tag teamed some Gutair Hero. Eli had a blast as well. He sang along to some Pat Bennitar. I was a pround mama! But the best was that I was the HIGH SCORE at Q-ubert! I would try to explain but by the time I did you can just as easily google it so …google it. Either way…I’m proud.
All around a really good first day of home grown adventure!


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