Falling short

I’m sorry I have not been writing as consistently as I should. I know I am only down one day but this still means a lot to me. I have made it almost a half a year and have not missed a day and now here I am. Feeling weaker than I have in a while. I feel like I am constantly running on so few spoons and I am tired of constantly saying that! I am done with excuses and that seems to BE all I can come up with.
I am past the point of being sad and now on to just being angry!
Wednesday I went in to meet with my oncologist and much as I had suspected, my platelets had plummeted. We are talking almost 30 points in one week. Although they were not below my parameters yet, I was hoping that with such a drastic drop my doctor might take some pity on me and tell me that she would be willing to grant me a transfusion just so that I might could find a little more energy. Then she said something I have NEVER heard in all of my years of coming to the doctor “Your platelets have nothing to do with your energy level.”
I find this statement odd on many levels. 1. I KNOW someone has told me that these two things do correlate. Although possibly not directly, more so than hypothetically. 2. If these things do not correlate, how did I know that my platelets would be low based only on my lack of energy? That was my only clue. 3. (And the worst reason) There are SO MANY articles online that state that one does have to do with the other it seems hard to ignore. I know not everything on the internet is true, but somewhere someone has got an answer on line.
So I am asking you. Do you know of any correlation between Platelets and Energy Levels?


P.S- Tomorrow is a visit to the Science Center! I am so EXCITED!


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