Today was the Science Center Day!

I have been looking forward to this day all week. Although I had a rough night last night I REFUSED to let it get the best of me today! We made a quick lunch at home (This will be important and I will post more in upcoming post.) And we were out the door.
Please understand, I am not a science girl. But this is my kind of science. It’s Animal Science. I think the grown up word is Zoology and Marine Biology but once again, not a science girl. There was a “Your Health” part of the Science Center and that was a big ‘ole no thank you for this girl. I promise my health is not covered in your video.
I really expected Eli to just chill and just kind of nap. WRONG! He was so excited the entire time. SO, here are pics of our “Home Grown Adventure” at the Greensboro Science Center.

So see the cute pic of the sleeping otter. There should be a saying that is “let sleeping otters” lie. Much like with the fish tank, there is a bubble where you can look into the otter habitat. After a bunch of kids had woken this sleeping otter he went to the door to be let in, much like a cat. Noah took Eli in the bubble to try to get close. At first the otter seemed just fine to have a child close to his playground despite the fact that he was ready for food and a nap. Eli was STOKED to see the otter and got more and more excited. PLEASE watch the otters face as pictures progress. You may have to zoom in, but I feel like the subtext is not hard. IMG_1675 (2)IMG_1676IMG_1677IMG_1678IMG_1679

Next it was off to the out door part of the center. This was where I went CRAZY!

So the otters were by far the highlight of my day. But my boys, they got some MAJOR tiger love! If you ever get to go to the Science Center, which I highly recommend, there is a Sr. Tiger there named AXL. He had been pacing and all though it was hot it was almost like he knew his job was to show off for those around him so he was strutting his stuff. However, my boys went inside to get some shade and see him at the window. And this happened…

If you did not know there was glass there you would think these guys were besties! UGH! it just warmed my heart! AXL loved him some Daulton boys.

I tried to post a video of Eli playing with Penguins but I am afraid that will have to be a Facebook/Instagram post. All in all – a GREAT DAY! One week left of work and then off on even more adventures!

I have also decided that I want this printed on a shirt for days when I have no spoons!
IMG_1680 (2)


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