For Hobbes

I am afraid I have lost a friend.

I know I should know if I have lost a friend or not but this friend is not like other friends.

Hobbes was the first pet I got after my divorce. In a way he kind of liberated me. He was my first roommate in my new apartment and for a while we were just that. Roommates. But we grew on each other. He was a rescue so I never knew how old he was but I knew he was not a kitten. However he still had his moments of kitten energy.
One night I was laying on my pull out sofa bed, in my one room basement flat, crying, wondering what I had done to my life, when a storm knocked out all the electricity. I was convinced my life had truly become one of the tragic short stories where somehow the woman dies because she has no more will to live. When out of no where this four legged animal goes leaping over my bed with a loud “MEOW”!  I had forgotten I even had a cat much less known that he was capable of leaping over sofa beds in a single bound! I have laughed so hard that the lady next door had to bang on the wall to tell me to shut up. From then on we had new respect for one another. He moved from place to place with me. Loved love, and more over loved Eli more than I have ever seen a cat love any baby.

This is why I am afraid that he has not just run away. I am afraid that he has gone to a better place. A cat carnival, if you will, where he can show off all day long and they will feed him Cheerios (one of his favorites) and pet him to his hearts content. I will always hold out hope you will come home. You will always be loved Hobblet, Hobbes Cat, CAT, El Tiggre, Hobbes.


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