Magic Mum

Eli turned 1!

Yep. My baby is 1. I have very mixed feelings about it. Part of me feels like he has been here forever and I struggle to remember life before him. And then someday I don’t get food on me or smacked in the face or the port and I remember the good old days.

But regardless, I love watching him grow and learn. Everyone keeps telling me, don’t rush it, you won’t get that time back. And I realize that. But I love going on those adventures with him. I love watching him find new things. And there will always be something new. Yes, it will get harder to find something new. And I know, there will be a time when I know nothing and he knows everything. And I am not in any hurry to get there. Right now I am still “Magic Mum” who can hug a boo boo all better and teach him how to crawl, cruise, and “flap flap”. But I love discovering and learning things just as much as he does. He is my connection to my continued education and I love it. My desire to stay magic makes me push myself to learn all I can so I can help him. Right now it’s small stuff. But it’s only going to get bigger. And I want to be armed and ready to the best of my ability.

So don’t worry  little 1 year old. Magic Mum is not going anywhere for quite a while!


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