insomnia strikes again!

So they gave me B12 shot today and I am not 100% that this is why I get this way, but after the craziness of today I should be out like Noah (who is currently snoring beside me). But I am up. And online shopping.
For things I don’t need.
Or maybe I do.
I can convince myself of anything at 3:30 in the morning!
I went to Amazon to see if I could find a journal because my favorite is finally done. I never use just one all the time and bounce around and lose and find them but never the less, I still loved this one the most. It had a book mark so I could keep my spot but it also had elastic to keep it closed. The cover had wonderful words like “Breathe” and “Love” and “Dream”, all things you want to hear and see as you write or work or anything. Either way, replacing it is hard. It is harder than I thought. I think this will not be something I can do online. I will have to get the feel of them. See how they look. See what moves me. I know… I am putting too much into this. But it means a lot to me. So I’m off to buy stuff I can return when I don’t like it!
First stop – Old Navy!
SO EXCITED! Just got a super cute romper with beautiful yellow flowers and a pretty red top that can go from summer into fall. Gotta love that! I love like I act like I have any ideas on fashion!
Actually getting sleepy… yay! Still on to Lane Bryant. I have a pair of rainbows that smell like death and I could really use another pair of summer shoes. Maybe a black and a brown pair?
No such luck with the shoes but I did find THE PERFECT DRESS to wear for the concert tomorrow night! We are are suppose to wear something coral and the only thing I have is this one dress that I wore for Easter that shows my port a lot! If I was not performing I would not be as concerned but I hate to make an audience look at it. I feel like that is ALL an audience sees. So yeah, a pretty dress that covers it would be awesome so I am going to call in the morning/afternoon and see if they got it in.
Okay…I am going to try this sleep thing again…if I fail, I will be back. Not that you all have not been great, I could just use a nap before tomorrow.


(I do realize that these are all 1st world problems and I should count my blessings and just be happy that I have a roof over my head and enough money to pay for all the medications to keep me alive. I am grateful.)


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